Patent Analytics

Patent search: Our team has extensive experience and expertise in conducting patent searches. Our team aims to meet our clients’ requirements by employing multi-dimensional search strategies, which are formulated using structured processes that has been developed based on years of patent search experience. We conduct patent searches using subscription databases to ensure wide coverage of prior art.

Patentability/Prior art search

Validity/Invalidity search

State-Of-The-Art search

Freedom to operate/Clearance search

Patent Litigation Support

We here at Fast Composite can help you with the analysis of the patent claims to support your initiatives on licensing, patent sales, litigation, and acquisition efforts. You will find extreme value by commissioning us for identifying patent infringement, developing evidence of infringement by claim charts.

Product search: We provide services to identify products infringing your patent claims by providing deliverables in customized formats

IP Infringement Analysis: 

We identify all the products infringing your patent claims and prepare claim charts, clearly pointing out how each element of the patent claims are demonstrably present in the infringing product. The evidence of infringement in the given product is delivered to you in any format (a word file, excel sheet, power point) as per your needs.

Claim chart construction/Claim to product mapping/EOU/IOU:

Claim chart construction involves detailed mapping of patent claims with the identified literature (patent, product or other literature). We perform detailed analysis of patent claims and provide easy to understand reports with textual and graphical comparison along with claim enablement depicting the extent of overlap between the claim and the literature.

Patent validation/invalidation: Our patent validation services are availed by both Defendants and as well as Plaintiffs.

Defendants utilize our patent invalidation studies to find relevant prior art to invalidate the claims of the patents of interest.

Plaintiffs utilize our patent validation studies to determine the strength of their patent before commencing the patent litigation. 

References already cited by the examiner are not included in our invalidation studies and using technical knowledge of our highly experienced technical team we provide excellent technical analysis for the cited references.

Patent Prosecution

We offer services to ascertain whether an idea or an invention can be patented before you invest in the cost of patenting as well as to identify jurisdictions where your product sales will be safe.

Patent Application Drafting: Patent drafting is the main part of the invention process. It describes the key features of your invention, and the type of IP protection you want to cover.

We engage with various stakeholders at our clients’ end to understand, not just the technical objectives, but also the business objectives and competitive advantage sought from the patent, and prepare specifications that are equipped to meet such goals.

Patent Application Filing: Patent application filing is the first step for getting IP protection. We need to do a comprehensive intellectual property search, study unique features of the invention, prepare necessary documents, and file the application in the IP office of specific region/country. 

When our clients want to protect their inventions in more countries, PCT is the ideal route to protect their inventions and patents. We support PCT filing incorporating all the requirements of our clients.

We have a team specialized in patent application filing and patent portfolio management. The team advices on patent filing strategies that are adapted to meet our clients’ requirements. The team takes a wholesome approach in designing filing strategies by considering our clients’ business requirements. 

Fast Composite has a dedicated paralegal and patent docketing team for managing and tracking patent portfolios of our clients.

We also draft and file design patent applications as per our client requirements.

Office Action Response: Office Action acts as a critical test for your invention in the form of Objections/Rejections that are raised by the Patent Office. Preparing a response to office action requires a blend of both- technical and legal expertise, so as to be able to challenge the rejections/objections raised in the Office Action. 

Coupled with our highly experienced and advance technical degree holder patent agent we make use of sophisticated tools, and includes a summary of technical arguments and bibliographic details covering prosecution complexity and additional details from the file wrapper.

Strategic Prosecution: obtaining claims which has no value in the market doesn’t benefit our clients. We prosecute IP assets for obtaining market-centric claims by providing our market based solution and also based in our clients requirements, market report around the invention and suggest our clients to amend the claims according to the market which in turn makes easy for our clients to monetize their assets.


We can offer a package discount for filing Trademark applications by having a single fee covering the search, preparation and filing of the various documents required by the IPO till registration.

Trademark search

Trademark Application Drafting

Trademark Application Filing

Patent Monetization/Commercialization

Patent Licensing:

Patent licensing is for bringing innovative ideas in the market. It enables innovators to retain the ownership of their IP assets by signing patent licensing agreements with top players or investors, and get paid on the future sales.

Patent Transactions:

Intellectual property is continually becoming more prominent in corporate transactions, the value of corporations, and day-to-day business. Fast Composite’s IP Transactions group assists our clients in a wide variety of projects: from acquisition or sale of intellectual property, to licensing technology to or from other parties, to the development of internal documents and procedures for capturing and managing all forms of intellectual property. 

We work closely with our clients’ corporate transaction teams to identify potential risks and benefits, determine effective uses of innovations, optimize intellectual property portfolio value, and improve the clients’ market position.

Industrial Consulting

Market Research

Conducting market research is an extremely important. It is the process that answers the question “Is this even worth it?” By taking out the time to research your market, you can find exactly as to how, why and who will buy your product.

We at Fast Composite study clients' ideas, inventions, products/services and provide them with valuable information about competitors, demographics, current and upcoming market trends, etc.